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整個習琴過程中,Dr. Kamil Tokarski/ 劉愷孟老師很幸運與來自各國代表不同風格的世界級音樂家學習。經過多年學術努力和豐富的表演經驗,對鋼琴教學產生濃厚興趣和熱忱。


他的教學核心,植根於延續古老波蘭鋼琴學院,位於華沙【蕭邦音樂學院】(Fryderyk Chopin University)的波蘭音樂大師Jerzy Maciejewski傳授的傳統。



Throughout his education, Dr. Tokarski was fortunate to study with many world-class musicians from around the world who represent different methods and styles of teaching. Over the years of scholarly endeavors and extensive performing experience, Dr. Tokarski has developed a profound interest and appreciation of piano pedagogy. Coming from an old Polish school of piano, the core of his teaching is rooted in continuing the traditions taught to Dr. Tokarski by the great Polish master Dr. Jerzy Maciejewski from the Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw.




In his teachings, Dr. Tokarski emphasizes the development of natural and refined piano technique based on proper energy and weight distribution. It is crucial for aspiring concert pianists to develop a solid understanding of hand anatomy and awareness of the role of different muscles and tendons. The goal of this technical development is to achieve a full pianistic control with a minimal amount of energy distributed in the most efficient manner. Understanding of this concept is one of the most overlooked yet crucial elements of building a great pianistic technique. Supplemented by meticulously supervised training and proper practicing methods, this approach leads to excellent pianistic stamina, rich sound, and textural clarity.




Dr. Tokarski's doctoral dissertation dealt with cognitive aspects of piano memorization. Through his academic research Dr. Tokarski became fascinated with intellectual benefits of learning piano. As a result Dr. Tokarski has developed a teaching methodology which focuses on using piano training as a stimuli for the development of cognitive skills such as memorization, concentration, and processing speed. This approach has been particularly beneficial for children as their brain demonstrates high level of neuroplasticity.

Dr. Kamil Tokarski's masterclass at Saint John's University

prof. Jerzy Maciejewski