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My child reached intermediate level. How do I find a very good piano teacher for him/her?


Parents shouldn't focus solely on teacher's teaching credentials. My advice is to always ask any potential teacher for his/her recordings, preferably  high quality audio/video recordings. It is also a good idea to ask for teacher's performing history. What was teacher's most recent public performance? How often does the teacher perform publicly? Does the teacher have experience performing internationally? Does the teacher collaborate with other musicians? It is important to look for teacher with record of public performances. I do not recommend serious students to study with teachers who are not actively performing.

Do you recommend studying at music schools?


I recommend finding the best teacher. Teacher who can easily pinpoint student's technical and cognitive weaknesses and design effective strategies that will aim to eliminate them. Music schools and diplomas are useless if your child studies with poor quality teacher. In my experience biggest disadvantage of music schools is strict curriculum which does not allow highly individual approach to every student but rather turns the education into mass production music studies.


What are the disadvantages of Taiwanese music education system?


I strongly believe studying more than one instrument is a terrible requirement. Playing two instruments is a huge time commitment and focusing that time on one instrument would be much more beneficial.  It is  better to become a master at playing one instrument than be good or even very good at playing two.


Do you recommend music competitions?


Yes however most important goal of every student should always be the development of skills. In my opinion students who aren't fully comfortable with the instrument should avoid competitions at all cost and focus on steady and consistent development of technical and cognitive skills.