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My child is not serious about piano. Does he/she really need an excellent teacher?


You never know if your child’s attitude change. In many cases piano students become serious about practicing after already taking lessons for several years. For that reason it is crucial that the student has a  good teacher who can help develop proper foundation and technique from the very beginning.



Why is proper foundation so important?


Improper foundation is very difficult to fix and prevents healthy progress. Wrong technique can lead to severe tensions and in extreme cases cause hand injuries.


My child can not speak English, is that a problem?


Not at all! That's a common concern of the parents. Most of teaching at the beginner level is based on demonstration and very simple vocabulary. Piano lessons in English can greatly stimulate language skills and confidence in communicating in different language. The earlier a child have contact with English speaking person the better.


What age can a child start taking piano lessons?


The most common age to start piano lessons is 5 to 7. It is very individual and depends on the attention span and reading skills, but - first of all - your interest in learning.



Is it more difficult for adults to learn to play the piano?


Throughout my teaching career, I have found my adult students far surpassed their own expectations.  They learned very quickly, since they already possessed concepts and skills needed to absorb new material.  They often brought with them a strong incentive to apply themselves, coming from their long-standing desire to learn to play the piano.  Additionally, finding this new endeavor to be so enjoyable and relaxing, they usually spent more time at the keyboard which helped them progress faster.



Why is the piano one of the best instruments with which to begin your musical training?


When you learn how to play the piano, you also learn to read music in both the bass and treble clef, as opposed to most other instruments.  This is a valuable and transferable skill if one decides to play another instrument, take voice lessons or wants to sing in a choir and needs to read choral music.



Can I practice on a electric keyboard instead of a piano?


For the very beginners yes, however in you are serious about learning piano, you should consider buying a piano or a very good electric keyboard with weighted keys.